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Machines for Georgian Bars Processing

eco FNDS  cutting – milling machineeco NDF/FDS - The eco FNDS machine
The eco FNDS machine combines two functions, it is a cutter and a milling machine. When milling profiles, an undesirable material excess is created, which must then be removed to achieve a quality finish of the profile ends. If there is no device suitable for this, the operation must be done manually. It significantly extends and hinders the process of preparing Georgian bars for installation in insulated glass units. Our machine meets those needs. It has a pre-notching section, where material excess is initially removed, which significantly facilitates the next operation, i.e. the main processing of bars with a shaped cutter at the proper angle. While being machined, profiles are held in place by an automatically triggered pneumatic clamp. The device allows for the processing of profiles in a full set of dimensions, i.e. 1808, 2608 and 4508, as well as for milling elements at an angle in the range of 0 to 45 degrees.

eco PDF ? piła

eco PDS saw – notcher
eco PDS is a dual-function device that cuts profiles such as Georgian bars and spacers into required sections and makes incisions in Georgian bars for a metal pin to be fixed to them. The pin is one of the base elements allowing cross connections of these profiles. The depth of the cuts is set, according to the profile size, with a convenient switch, which in a defined manner adjusts the height of the cutting disc extension. It is equipped with two infeed benches on both sides. The measurement reading is provided in two ways: Standard (PDS-M type) – the manually operated slider with a ruler. Electronic (PDS-D type) – the manually operated slider with a built-in LCD display.
All profiles can be cut at an angle ranging from 45 to 90 degrees. While being cut, the elements are held in place with two automatically clamping pneumatic cylinders.

eco GDS ? giętarka

eco GDS bending machine
The eco GDS machine is used to bend aluminum inter-pane Georgian bars and spacers for glass units. As a standard, it is equipped with a set of rollers specially designed for bending Georgia 3000 bars with dimensions of 1808 and 2608 mm and a 16 mm wide spacer. Optionally, the machine can be supplied with an additional set of rollers for bending spacers with dimensions: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 mm. The bi-directional movement of the bent profiles is mechanically driven by an electric drive, while the pressure roller, which determines the deflection, is set manually with a set screw.

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