Solutions for a Better

Eco in was founded in 1994. For over 25 years we have been present on the market, developing our business and gaining valuable experience.

In the initial period, we specialised in the construction industry, in particular in the branch of insulated glass units.

  • We are Poland’s market leader in the production of polyurethane sealants for glass units insulation.
  • We are a paramount player on the global market of Georgian bars production and a renowned supplier of other materials and technologies deployed in the manufacturing of insulated glass units.
  • We are the largest distributor of LG deco foils in Central Europe.
  • For more information about our products for the window industry visit: link.

Since 2015, we have been developing products for the cosmetics market. We have created the ZEW for men brand, a line of natural cosmetics for men with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains. We use organic ingredients in the production process.

For more information about the ZEW line visit: