Georgian bars

Inter-pane Georgian Bar Systems,
Georgia 3000 and Georginia

Our product is a thin-walled extruded Georgian bar system made of high-quality aluminum alloy of excellent cross-sectional rigidity and the traditional, for years most popular wall shape. The system’s advantage is also its lightness and, above all, flexibility, which, together with a wide range of connectors, allows for the production of the most complex and extraordinary bent panel forms while maintaining the required structural statics. Thus, it is a high-quality alternative to other Georgian bar systems made from an aluminum strip. A very important feature of our profiles is their plasticity, which makes them a much more universal for processing.

Georginia 3000


  • excellent rigidity of the panel structure
  • universality in forming any shape
  • light weight
  • apparent glass surface division

Size Range

Georgia 3000

  • 18 x 8 mm
  • 26 x 8 mm
  • 45 x 8 mm


  • 6 x 8 mm

Coating Finish

  • powder coated with paints of the following colors: white or, on request, any of the RAL palette
  • wrapped on one or both sides with LG Hausys deco foils of a very wide range of all wood-like structures and the colors of the RAL palette used on the market
  • two-color profiles, white / any RAL color, are made of from white foil with a wood-like structure on one side and powder coated with paints of any RAL color on the other side

The most popular deco foils are: golden oak, dark oak, swamp oak, walnut, mahogany, anthracite. All foils available in stock:

Ways of Georgian Bars Connecting

Milled Connecting – Georgia 3000 System Profiles
Milling is the basic and highest-quality, professional method of Georgian bars connecting. It is the most aesthetic and at the same time the most stable way of mounting them inside the insulated glass unit. Eco in provides complete tooling for profiles processing: milling and notching machines, saw-notching machines and bending machines, and also a full range of accessories for the production of ready-made panels, i.e. connectors, tips, metal pins, masking frames, etc.

Łaczenie frezowane

Unmilled Connecting – Georginia System Profiles
This system eliminates the need to use masking overlays, cover caps. It does not require milling. All sections of the profiles are cut to the required size and connected with plastic connectors. Georginia system reduces the risk of profiles vibration in the glass unit, increases the stability of the structure and reduces the costs of glass unit production. The original and at the same time simple shape of individual elements allows for easy and quick assembly.

Łączenie georginia

Georgia 3000
Thin-walled extruded Georgian bar system

  • light weight, high-quality alternative to profiles made from an aluminum strip
  • excellent rigidity and structural statics
  • minimizing the risk of profiles vibration inside the glass unit
  • plasticity of profiles

Thin-walled extruded Georgian bar system

  • excellent rigidity and structural statics
  • apparent glass surface division

Options of Profile Delivery to the Glass Unit Manufacturer

  • 3 m long bars coated with paints of any colour and any deco foil, for own processing
  • complete panels, ready for installation in insulated glass units

For download

   Assembly instructions for Georgian bars
   Presentation of profiles

Service Scope

  • assembly of machines and first commissioning at the client’s site
  • training of the team
  • repair or replacement of damaged or worn parts
  • consulting, technical assistance in designing non-standard panel forms
  • correction of machine settings (if required)
  • training and presentations at the seat of eco in