Sealing compounds

Sealing compounds are one of the critical elements ? in terms of durability ? of an insulated glass unit.

The traditional, most common system is called double sealing. In theory, it allows lifetime warranty for a properly assembled IGU.

eco butyl
Primary sealant. Characterized by a very low U-factor for steam and inert gases. Ensures tightness of an IGU.

eco pur
Sealant characterized by a low U- factor for steam and a medium U-factor for gases. Requires good quality applying machines and constant operational control.

eco melt
Hot-applied single-compound thermoplastic. It is less popular in Europe. In the US it is the basic material used for bounding the glass panes. The specifications of eco melt applied today make it suitable for use in nearly all climate conditions. Perfect for so-called express orders. Characterized by a very low U-factor for steam.