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Georgian bars processing machines

eco ADS

eco ADS
Automatic georgian bars processing machine. Three in one: saw, drill and feed and measuring table. Equipped with an automatic georgian bars storage facility. It measures, drills and cuts georgian bars according to the preloaded order data. This processing centre increases the production performance of IGUs with georgian bars threefold. One worker with eco NDS/FDS and eco ADS is able to make over 1,500 georgian bars panels within one shift. The dedicated software allows to, e.g.:

  • prepare georgian bars joints at any angle
  • optimize usage for batch orders
  • enter orders directly from a drawing, pendrive or computer network
  • perform automatic symmetrical or asymmetrical division of panels
  • appropriately mark the processed elements.

eco NDF/FDSeco NDF/FDS - nacinarko frezarka
The eco NDS/FDS is a 2-in-1 cutter and mill. During milling, burr (excessive material) occurs, which must then be removed manually. This significantly extends the process of georgian bars preparation for assembly in IGUs. The machine processes georgian bars with a formed milling cutter, thus eliminating the need for further manual processing. Elements can be milled at an angle of 30 to 90 degrees. The processed element is held by an automatic pneumatic clamp. The machine can process georgian bars 18 to 45 mm wide.

eco PDF ? piła

eco PDS
The eco PDF saw is a multi-functional device that cuts georgian bars into sections and creates notches for the mounting pin. It is equipped with a 3 m long gauge with manually adjustable stop. Georgian bars can be cut at an angle of 30 to 90 degrees. The elements are held with a manual clamp.

eco GDS ? giętarka

eco GDS
GDS bender is used for bending internal IGU aluminium georgian bars. As standard, it comes with a set of rollers for bending georgian bars of the georgia series, 18 and 26 mm. In addition, rollers for bending IGU spacer profiles can be installed.

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