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  • Glasstec 2014

We would like to thank you for visiting our stand during Glasstec Trade Fair 2014. It was a big pleasure to host you on our stand. We hope that this year edition of Glasstec Trade Fair was for you fruitful and that our company showed our flexibility and wide possibilities of cooperation.

  • eco stork

It is not only industry approvals and certificates eco in has been awarded that prove our polyurethane window sealants to be green and eco-friendly. The clear air above our production plant made even a stork marvel, and resolve to eco-nest nearby:)

  • 2-WAY Valves in Sochi

AL7 Miepa Srl is proud to inform you that over than 10'000 2-WAY Valves are installed in IG units of Olympic village of SOCHI WINTER GAMES.
Glasses were produced in 2012 and 2013 in Saint Petersburg and installed nearby SOCHI. IG Units were subjected to variable pressures with an high risk of breakage: a bout 2'000 km of distance, different production seasons (winter and summer), different altitudes of production, transportation and installation.
Thanks to 2-WAY Valve such a problem has been solved. 2-WAY Valve is the right answer to face any difference in pressure in IG units.
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  • Further companies with the “Green Window” logo

Further producers of mercury-free windows and insulating glass units have been awarded the “Green Window” certificate. Certificate granting is one of the elements of the social campaign with an educational purpose “Green Window – get mercury out of your life”. The aim of this campaign is to make Poles conscious about mercury toxicity and to promote alternative mercury-free technologies.

The finale of the contest second edition was held on 10-th September, in Warsaw’s EXPO center, during the Construction Leaders’ Gala, which was part of the “Windows & Doors” fair. The certificates were handed in by the organizers’ representatives: Sławomir Brzózek – Chairman of “Our Earth Foundation” and Wojciech Żuławiński – Sales Manager of the “eco in” company.
Thanks to the certificates, 16 companies will be able to promote their business and inform about their environmental care and mercury-free products, e.g. by marking their products with the green window sign. Using mercury-free technologies in window and glass units production is becoming more and more popular – which was proved by the great number of applications received from companies signing in for the second edition of the contest. The six last-year winners, whose certificates were renewed this year, were joined by ten further producers. The certificates were awarded to:

WINDOW PRODUCERS: DOMEL sp. z o.o., M&S Pomorska Fabryka Okien sp. z o.o., Świętokrzyska Fabryka Okien i Drzwi MAR-PLAST, Zakład Stolarki JANDAG.

IG UNITS PRODUCERS : SPEC-GLAS sp. z o.o., F.H.U. MATPOL R. Sagan sp. z o.o. sp. k., NOWO-GLAS N. E. Stasik, Ł. Żminda Sp. J., INWIDO POLSKA GLASS - Sp. z o.o.,VITROTERM–MURÓW SA, STARGLASS sp. z o.o.

  • eco pur nominated

The ecological sealant eco pur has been nominated to the Polish Promotional Emblem “Poland Now” in the 23rd edition of the contest for the best goods and services.
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  • Put a stop to mercury – an open letter

Eco and the partners of the campaign “Green Window – Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” have prepared an open letter to health and environmental organisations as well as construction industry companies. The letter calls to stop using mercury technologies in the industry and is supposed to raise awareness of the scale of the problem. The letter is part of the social and educational campaign “Green Window – Eliminate Mercury from Your Life.”
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  • Campaign Against Mercury Second Edition

"Green Window - get mercury out of your life" is a social campaign with an educational purpose which promotes the concept of environmentalism, the knowledge of toxic properties of harmful mercury and its current utilisation. This year, the campaign, whose First Edition reached as many as in excess of one million Poles, is continued.
This year's campaign will be inaugurated with an open letter informing about harmful mercury and its utilisation in industry and emphasising the role of the media in promoting environmentally-concerned attitudes. In the spring, a contest will be announced addressed to window manufacturers and developers, with the "Green Window" certificate to be the prize awarded. The certificate acknowledges that the product or project performed is mercury free. In September, an educational programme will be held in kindergartens in six Polish cities: Bydgoszcz, Elbląg, Katowice, Rzeszów, Szczecin, and Wrocław. The present edition focuses on developers and window producers, but does not forget also about consumers and parents.

  • Recommendation from SPSB

SPSB (Architectural Glass Processors Association) has published a list of components it recommends for manufacturing double-glazed units.
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  • The Mercury Convention has been adopted

The agreement signed on Saturday (19.01.2013) by over 140 countries only confirmed, that the course of our action is correct. Products containing mercury will be withdrawn.
Agreement details

  • Fair time comes to an end…...

Thank you for visiting our stand at Glasstec 2012 Trade Fair.
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  • Educational campaign for kindergartens

The organizers of the “Green Window – Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” social campaign – the Nasza Ziemia Foundation, the eco in company and the Toxicological Information Office have initiated this summer the ecological educational campaign for children at kindergartens – the “Green Tomorrow”.
It is the first year of the campaign. The kindergartens will include a scenario of single 45-minute lessons in their syllabus. During those lessons, the children will get acquainted with the concept of recycling, they will learn how to sort waste, what dangerous waste is and how to handle it, and in particular, they will be taught how to avoid mercury-related risks. To strengthen the knowledge, the children will be encouraged to make artworks, in which they will depict their view of a world that is free of mercury, a world of “Green Tomorrow”. The artworks will be presented at the “Green Tomorrow” competition. The award is removal of mercury from the windows or their replacement with ecological, free of mercury ones.

  • eco in among the winners of the GreenEvo project

We have a great pleasure to announce that eco in and its two environmentally sound products: eco pur B and eco pur C ranked among the winners of the 3rd edition of the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator Project of the Polish Ministry of the Environment. The GreenEvo project (Green Technology Accelerator) was initiated by the Ministry of the Environment in Poland in order to identify innovative technologies and products offered by green companies operating in the Polish market and promote their international transfer. The technologies will be recommended during trade fairs and exhibitions and promoted through a network of Polish embassies and economic delegations. The companies would also receive individual counselling and professional support from experts involved in the GreenEvo project.
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  • The "Green Window" certificates have been awarded

The first laureates of the “Green Window – Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” competition have been announced. These are the following companies: Bajcar, Oknoplast, Plastimet, Polskie Szyby Termoizolacyjne and Termoizol.
The certificates were officially awarded on 23 May 2012, at a dedicated seminar at the Anders Hotel, in Stare Jabłonki.


We are unaware of how polluted our environment is – this is one of the main conclusions of a study conducted within the framework of the public awareness campaign “Green Window – Eliminate Mercury from Your Life.” The principal objective of the campaign is to help Polish people realize hazards related to using mercury in products and industrial processes. Initiative partners include Nasza Ziemia Foundation, eco in company and Toxicological Information Centre.
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  • Foils which withstand 10 thousand hours

One of leading window foil manufacturers recently notified its customers that their white and ivory films were not sufficiently resistant to sunlight. According to the media release, the problem was caused by the use of titanium dioxide as the white pigment, and was common to all foil manufacturers who manufacture white and ivory foils. In the meanwhile, the exterior foil manufacturer LG Hausys commissioned a study with the SKZ Test Centre in Würzburg to evaluate selected foils in a test that lasted 10 thousand hours of exposition to the irradiation of 20 GJ/m2.
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  • Hygienic foils

Exterior foils from the Korean manufacturer LG Hausys, which are distributed by eco in, received the hygienic approval.
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  • eco on Glasstec 2010

From September 28th to October 1st our company took part in the Europe’s largest and world leading International Trade Fair for Glass Production, Processing and Products - Glasstec 2010.

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  • Seminar: Towards professionalism and competitiveness

Mid-September this year dozens of companies connected to lamination of window profiles and window sills gathered in the very heart of Knyszynska Primeval Forest in the Conference and Events Center Rozłogi. The reason for this meeting was the seminar: “Lamination – Towards professionalism and competitiveness”, organized by our enterprise.

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International credit information agency Dun & Bradstreet has granted our company CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS CREDIBILITY – for the highest rating stability of the company in 2009.
Dun & Bradstreet Poland evaluates company credibility and stability on the basis of:
- analysis of payment morality according to DunTrade® program
- analysis of financial indexes form the most recent financial statements available
- Poland’s biggest relational base recording corporation and personal ties.

  • A modern spacers for warm windows

Our offer for spacer bar has been enriched by a new product - warm spacer CHROMATECH ultra produced by ROLLTECH company.
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  • LG Hausys whit RAL certificate

We inform that LG Hausys company, which produces window film that we distribute, in December last year received the prestigious certyfikat RAL. More details can be found on GKFP association Web site.

  • New films for window profiles

We regret to inform that due to numerous technological and logistic problems on the part of film supplier – Haogenplast company – we have ceased cooperation with this manufacturer.
We are glad to announce that we have entered into cooperation with a world-renowned company – LG Hausys. As well as known, state-of-the-art products, the company has been successfully marketing furniture film in our country for several years. We have just started marketing the window film manufactured by LG Hausys. Soon we will also be selling windowsill film.

  • eco widened ISO

eco company in October 2009 successfully widened ISO 9001:2000 for “Product Design” procedures. Since October 2009 all implemented procedures according to ISO 9001:2000 are the following: product design, production of sealants and adhesives; sale of insulating glass components and adhesives, lamination and lacquering of profiles and georgian bars and sale of decoration foils and veneers.
ISO 9001:2000

  • Invitation to Vitrum in Milano

eco will be present on VITRUM exhibition which will take place from 28th-31st October 2009 in Milano/Italy. Our customers and other friends are welcome on our stand M21 in Hall 13. eco will be happy to meet you in Milano. (

  • New processing line is a global novelty


The eco pur polyurethane process line is a novelty on a global scale. The periodic technology has been replaced with continuous technology for the first time in the history of sealant production. This solution significantly improves productivity, reduces costs and, above all, it delivers end products of superior quality. Combined with other features of the eco pur sealant – the absence of mercury and the replacement of scarce PolyBD with an alternative polymer – the new process line delivers environmentally friendly, stable and cost-effective products.

During a meeting held on 17 June 2009 in our head office in Czerwin, our clients were able to find out more about our eco pur production and research technology.

  • Attention – mercury!!!

The unleaded profiles are followed by mercury-free masses. In North America it has not been allowed for several years now to use polyurethanes comprising mercury in manufacturing insulating glass. What is more, in other parts of the world the polyurethane containing mercury will be removed from use. In accordance with the resolution made on the Conference of Ministers of the Environment which took place in February this year – this polyurethane removal will be completed in two years’ time.
Bearing this in mind and because of the lack of alternatives in 2008 it was replaced by Thiokol in some companies in the countries of Benelux. Manufacturers who export their glass to these countries will soon be forced to warrant that their product is mercury-free. The costs of changing the manufacturing company from polyurethane to e.g. Thiokol are quite high. The cheapest solution may be the mercury-free eco pur which is manufactured from alternative sources of the raw material.

  • eco in Italy

We would like to inform that we have a new agent. Our Italian customers are supplied by Neostucco S.r.l, well know company since many years on glass market.

Please find below contact details:
Via Codigoro, 3 – 20156 Milano – Italy
phone ++39 02 39 31 06 50, fax ++39 02 39 32 33 46

  • These stories do not have to happen again and again

One of two polyBD world suppliers stops the production of this basic polymer used in the production of polyurethanes.
Will the world financial crisis restrain the construction industry so much that the strongly limited supply of goods will be enough? And how long will it be enough? It is possible to rearm machines in the way that they work on the mass based on polysulfide. However, how can we be sure that the situation which took place seven years ago will not happen again? Then, one of the major manufacturers of polysulfide closed his factory and as a result prices of Thiokol sealants suddenly increased by several dozen per cent.
Must these stories happen again and again? eco denies.

We strongly recommend articles.

  • eco - Dear Friends

The complete eco Team wants to thank you for the trust in our company and for the excellent cooperation during 2008. We will work hard for the aim to meet your expectations also in the future and will remain as your reliable partner in the glass and window industry.
For You, your families and your colleagues a merry christmas and a happy, healthy and succesful 2009.

  • eco pur - approved in Russia
The innovative and high-quality sealant eco pur is now approved according to the russian GOST R standard. eco pur, which differs due to its mercury-free and high pefomance behaviour, fulfilled also the strict and obligated sanitary requirements. eco with its product ecopur is now ready to develop further the important russian market, where eco is already situated with its other prodcts as eco mol or georgia 3000.
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  • Adhesion tester

Instruction for use of an adhesion tester developed for testing the adhesion of polyurethane sealants for onto spacer bars.

The result of the sealant adhesion to aluminium test is considered to be positive if the sample is not broken after 10 minutes testing.

download: instruction

  • eco with ISO 9001!

We would like to inform that eco (after dozen month of hard efforts) received on 4-th of October 2007 the ISO 9001:2000certifikate. Business field: production of sealants for Insulating Glass, sales of components for IG units, veneering and varnishing of alloy profiles and distribution of films for window profiles lamination.

  • eco - Glasstec 2008


eco took part in the for our industry biggest exhibition – Glasstec 2008 (21-25.10).

  • Wedding w eco

One of our friend from eco – Ewelina Kuryga (now Pawluczuk), on 10-th of August 2008 was joined in marriage.

Ewelinko we wish you all the best on your new road of life, only sunny days and make your wish and dreams come true.

friends form eco

  • eco Galindowka - meeting whit clients

In the pre-Slavic, Mazury's Garden on Eden - GALINDIA several tens of companies from IGU and window trade gathered not only to exchange the opinions but also to amuse mutually.

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